We offer the entire line of checking, tests, repairs, and functional adjustments:


Trucks and tractors:
  • Technical revisions, scheduled maintenance and up-keeping services;
  • Engine, gearbox, and transmission repairs;
  • Direction system, braking and suspension repairs;
  • Wheels computerized tests and settings;
  • Diagnostic tests by specific softwares to MAN, MERCEDES, IVECO, VOLVO, RENAULT, and universal tester TEXA;
  • Electronic and electrical systems repairs;
  • Air conditioning and auxiliary heating devices reparations;
Semitrailers, trailers, low bad trailers:
  • Technical revisions, checking, functional adjustments;
  • Repairs of braking systems, wheels and axles produced by BPW, SAF, ROR, GIGANT, JOST;
  • Diagnostic tests of ABS/EBS systems made by WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE, HALDEX, parametrization of new ECU units, personalized settings of electronic units;
  • Adjustment of brake predominance between tractor and semitrailer;
The workshop is equipped with the tools and equipment for mechanical works, repairs, and reconditioning of various parts (turning machine).